Thank you very much for your trust, I won't make a fool of myself and damage that trust again.
    Thing is that my friends and I were 'frequent' players on your server and because of my stupidity, we weren't able to play together on that same server.

    See you soon on your Battlefield!

    Alright, I took a look at the link you gave me. I now understand that I didn't apoligise yet.

    Let me do do this right now.

    To all players and/or admins that I might have abused: I am very sorry I did that!
    Pleasse accept my sincerest apologies.
    To the admin who actually banned me: sorry I called you a noob-admin, I got a bit carried away in the heat of battle and I won't do that ever again.

    in German: Entschuldigung.

    Thx for taking time to answer me.
    Just after I got banned, I talked to Jesuspwnsya about this, so maybe you can remember more. maybe not.

    I know that being offensive wasn't the best thing to do, but as my teammate made me remember: I got killed twice in a row that round, once with rpg, once with m320 while explosives weren't allowed. okay, they got kicked but are allowed to rejoin. So I was already a bit agitated. Then my mate got kicked for actually no reason ( we revive each other like hell so a rather high K/D is really no good reason to kick/ban for strange statistics) and I lost my temper. Especially because my friend told me he got killed by admin x (can't remember who)

    But to be clear: yes, I got banned without warning for writing wtf noob-admin, or badmin or something familiar.
    Warn-kick-ban is in my opinion a better wat to handle these kind of 'insults'

    I'll check every once in a while here to see what your decision is


    Hello Liquid

    thank you for answering my post. I don't know where you get the "several times", cause I got banned for 1 (one) mistake.
    what did I do?
    a clanmate of me got kicked/banned for being to good. I entered in chat something about "noob-admin" because that admin was banning after he got killed a few times by my clanmate.
    Banning someone because he's better then you are, in my eyes is quite noobish and it's even more noobish to ban someone who has comment about that.
    It warms my heart you guys are protecting your fellow admins, but sometimes they also make mistakes, like stated above.
    I played for hours and hours on your server, never made any mistake before. I make one single sidestep because a badmin and what happens? I get banned while your admin (whoever it was, don't remember) made a bad decision

    if you decide not to unban me, ok, I have to live with that, but when you say that I made several insults, please show me them. I can't believe that was me.
    I play as [BOTR]Juppeke